November 3, 2017

Labinprogres – TPS awarded with the prestigious gold medal QUDAL – Quality medal


The QUDAL ® – QUality meDAL™ accolade is only awarded to those products and services on the market that offer consumers the greatest level of quality – based on scientific market research according to the innovative QUDAL® – Quality – DEEPMA method.

The company Labinprogres -TPS achieved the highest number of respondents in the latest QUDAL-QUALITY meDAL Agriculture 2017/2018 survey on the following issues:

“Specify the name of the producer of TRACTOR TRAILER which according to your personal experience offers absolutely top quality on the Croatian market:”

“Specify the name of the TWO -WHEEL TRACTOR manufacturer, which, by your personal experience, offers absolutely top quality on the Croatian market:”

Most respondents answered questions like this: Labinprogres-TPS

The QUDAL-QUALITY MeDAL Agriculture 2017/2018 survey was conducted on August and September 2017 in the Croatian market on a sample of 1,200 respondents – agronomists and farmers in Croatia (Internet respondents).

The QUDAL survey measures who on the market offers top quality – No. 1 in quality ( in the opinion and experience of consumers themselves.

Two-wheel tractor – Certificate Top Quality Medal

Tractor trailer- Certificate Top Quality Medal