April 24, 2018


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts dr. Sc. Martina Dalić awarded grant agreements yesterday as part of the permanent open call “Internationalization of Small and Medium Business Operations”, from the ministry.
The total value of 23 contracts signed in the framework of the call amounts to HRK 14.5 million, and the funds are intended to represent domestic companies on global markets with the aim of increasing the share of small and medium-sized enterprises in total exports of goods and services.
The ceremony was held at the round table of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, entitled “EU Funds and Exports”. The round table was attended by the state secretary from the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Nataša Mikuš Žigman, Chief Economist of Zagrebacka Banka Hrvoje Dolenec and representatives of EU funded companies Miroslav Poljak, Member of Končar Elektroindustrija d.d., Zoran Vujčić, Managing Director of Multicom d.o.o. and Marijan Pojatina, director of Olival d.o.o.
“Over the course of the year, the procedure for awarding non-refundable EU funds has intensified significantly, and in 2017, the Ministry awarded a total of 1791 subsidies for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial infrastructure worth HRK 2.23 billion,” said Martina Dalić, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, crafts. He also added that in the last survey conducted among recipients of non-refundable grants, as many as 83 percent of entrepreneurs pointed out that the current tenders covered their needs, and 79 percent of entrepreneurs would re-apply for tenders.
The Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts from European Funds provides non-refundable support to small and medium-sized enterprises to increase their competitiveness and growth through investment in production and easier access to international markets.
Nataša Mikuš Žigman, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, pointed out that the Ministry today announced a call for grants for the construction and equipping of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship worth 200 million HRK, and in the next ten days the Ministry will announce another a call that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to vouch for funds. “The biggest interest of entrepreneurs is for those programs where investments are made in specific equipment. In 2018 we plan another 2 billion. make entrepreneurs available, “said Mikuš Žigman.

Project title: Strengthening the market position Labinprogres-TPS d.o.o. through
internationalization of business
Project value: 339.391,79 HRK
Grant amount: 195.908,10 HRK
Project location: Labin, Istarska županija

Project description:
The company is engaged in the production and sale of agricultural mechanization. Within the project plan to present their services at 2 international fair, with the aim of increasing opportunities business cooperation with foreign partners. In addition, through participation in fairs the market will be familiar with novelties in the production program, which directly affects increase the recognition within Labinprogres and plan to conclude 5 new contracts. The project will contribute to the growth of sales revenue by HRK 12,821,558 or by 40 percent export revenue by HRK 12,524,309 or by 50 percent.